Open Government Mediation Program

Contact: Jennifer Colangelo (404) 656-4168

How can the Attorney General's Office help in an Open Records or Open Meetings dispute?

In 1997, the Attorney General pressed for legislation to amend Georgia's Open Meetings and Open Records acts to give the Department of Law the ability to help citizens and government agencies resolve their disputes without resorting to litigation. After the legislation was passed, our office moved to create an informal mediation program to help Georgia’s citizens with questions or concerns about local government’s decisions to close meetings to the public or governmental responses to Open Records requests.

Upon receiving a complaint from a Georgia citizen, attorneys at the Department of Law work to ensure that local governments provide all the access to meetings and records that Georgia citizens are entitled to under the law. If local governments fail to fulfill their obligations under the Open Meetings and Open Records acts, our office can initiate legal action to force the local government to obey Georgia’s sunshine laws.