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We're Not Gonna Take It Video Contest

Prescription drugs seem to be everywhere these days and easier than ever to obtain. As a result, many teenagers may be tempted to try them.

While the vast majority of high school students in Georgia have not misused or abused prescription (Rx) drugs, there is another reality: there are still many who have. An estimated 10% of young adults in Georgia misuse or abuse Rx drugs every year, and we are asking you to say, “We’re not gonna take it” anymore!

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens has partnered with several abuse prevention groups and state agencies to sponsor the "We're Not Gonna Take It" video contest that will run September 15 - October 31, 2014. The contest is designed for Georgia high school students to raise awareness and encourage teenagers to live a healthy lifestyle by rejecting prescription drug abuse.

Any Georgia high school student is eligible to participate. All you have to do is produce an original 30-second video explaining why you choose to live your life free of prescription drug abuse.

We look forward to viewing your entries!

To enter the contest, click here.

For examples of videos, visit the Kentucky Attorney General's website.

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